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Survey Evaluations

Surveys are a crucial tool for understanding your community's needs and measuring the impact of your programs. But are you confident that your surveys are capturing the right data? Submit your survey to MRS for expert feedback to unlock deeper insights, enhance stakeholder engagement, and ultimately drive more impactful outcomes.

Needs Assessments

Our needs assessment services can help your nonprofit identify, prioritize, and address the pressing needs of your target audiences and the staff who implement and manage your programs. MRS will collaborate with your organization to create customized assessment frameworks, design data collection tools, conduct the data analysis, and provide you with recommendations driven by the people most impacted by your work.

Journey Mapping

Discover what happens to program participants after they leave your organization. Journey Mapping provides comprehensive insights into what truly drives success within your operations and programs. By understanding the intricacies of people's experiences and interactions with your organization, we help you unlock the keys to effectiveness and impact.

Cultural Assessments

Cultural assessment services are for nonprofits wanting to understand how their daily practices, programs, and policies affect employee experiences. MRS will show you which practices and policies are most effective and why others are not achieving the desired results. Great for strategic planning and evaluating DEI and employee wellness initiatives.

Collaborative Data Needs Assessment

No matter their mission, nonprofit organizations need high-quality data to show that their programs have an impact. Let MRS guide you through a mission-focused, staff-driven process to uncover your organization’s data collection and analysis needs and ensure your ability to demonstrate impact.

Data Analysis Support

Not all organizations have the budget for a full-time analyst, but MRS can fill in that gap. Whether it's for a program evaluation, grant report, advocacy efforts, or any other project, MRS has the expertise to collect and analyze the data you need and the ability to share findings with multiple audiences.

Don't see what you need?

Send an email to with a description of your project and the kinds of services you need. If we can't help, we'll try to find someone who can.

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