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Services for Nonprofit Organizations

Need a data expert for your organization? Look no further! With over a decade of experience working in the nonprofit and public sectors, I would happily work with you to develop and implement a data project plan that meets your needs. Below are some examples of the projects I've worked on over the years. Don't see what you need? Please email me at for a free consultation, and let's figure out a new plan together!

Client/Community Feedback

What do your clients think about your organization's services, processes, or policies? How can you use their feedback to improve your programs and make communities even stronger? Using surveys, interviews, and focus groups, I can analyze your clients' feedback and provide you with data-informed recommendations to help strengthen your organization's impact.

Employee Feedback

How are your employees doing...really? COVID has forced many of us to adjust to new work environments, challenges, and expectations. By collecting and synthesizing staff insights , I can provide recommendations to help improve organizational culture and employee well-being.

Database Assessments

A lack of consistent data entry and reporting policies can cause major problems for your organization down the line. If your organization does not have policies in place, I will do an assessment of your current data systems and provide you with a strategy plan to improve your organization's data processes.


Landscape Analysis

What's the latest research on healthcare for homeless youth, creating an inclusive culture, or learning strategies in early childhood? Whatever your issue area, I will review and synthesize the most current information to help inform your organization's advocacy strategies or internal policy changes. 

New Assessment Tools

Creating assessment tools for clients, employees, and programs can be a daunting task. I will work with you you to create clear goals and custom assessment tools to measure success at all levels of your organization.

Pubilc Policy Analysis

Working on a public policy issue? I will show you how other cities, towns, states, and countries handle the critical issues impacting your community to strengthen your advocacy recommendations.


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