About Lindsay


Welcome!  My name is Lindsay Morgia, owner of Morgia Research Services.  I am an independent researcher with over ten years of experience conducting research in nonprofit, academic, and government settings.  And my purpose is to support your organization with all of your research, data, and reporting needs.

Many nonprofit leaders have said to me that they are eager to do all kinds of research projects: client satisfaction surveys, program evaluations, literature reviews, focus groups, and much more.  However, they face some common barriers:

  • There is no time for research

  • They don’t know how to get the data they need

  • The staff has limited or no research experience

  • They have no idea where to start

​That’s where I come in.

I take on time-intensive research planning, implementation, and data analysis so that you can focus on your organization’s other priorities. I look for the patterns, themes, and trends that emerge from the data and lace them together to tell the data’s story.  I build resources for your organization that you can refer to in the future.  By the end of our time together, you will have all of the information and data you need to create positive change for the people that you serve. 

My Values

Progressive Social Change

I value organizations that are increasing access to services, developing safe systems of care for vulnerable people, creating inclusive cultures, and advocating for overlooked populations.  I want the work I do to make meaningful contributions to people’s lives, so I only work with organizations that do the same.


I believe transparency is essential for clear communication, accountability, and understanding.  Therefore, I create clear project plans for my clients and give as much notice as possible if there are any changes.  I also make sure my clients understand what I’m doing and why to communicate about the project with stakeholders and the communities they serve. 


Rushing through data analyses almost always leads to problems.  It is critical to take the time necessary to do the research correctly to avoid issues down the line.  Also, I welcome and encourage feedback to ensure that my deliverables meet my clients’ expectations. 

Let's Talk!


While I live in the Denver area, I work remotely to serve clients across the country.  If you're interested in a free consultation, please contact me using the button below or email me at lindsay@morgiaresearchservices.com.

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