Services for Nonprofit Consultants

Do you work with nonprofit organizations on strategic planning, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) or other types of management planning? I can help you get the qualitative and quantitative data that you need to inform your recommendations. 


Survey Design and Implementation

I write survey questions, test surveys in the field, help with distribution, and analyze qualitative and quantitative data from the responses.


Document and Data Analysis

If you have existing data that need analysis, such as internal policies or survey data that was never analyzed, I can clean up the data and pull the most relevant findings for your project.


One-on-One Interviews

I specialize in collecting and analyzing qualitative data, such as data from interviews and focus groups.  I design interview protocols, formulate interview questions, and thematically analyze transcribed data.  


Report Findings

I can share the research findings through presentations, briefs, or longer reports.  Whatever is best for you and your client, I can make it happen.