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Nonprofit Data Needs Assessment

No matter their mission, nonprofit organizations need high-quality data to show that their programs have an impact. However, data collection, analysis, and communication can be challenging due to a lack of time, resources, and experience. Let MRS guide you through a mission-focused, staff-driven process to uncover your organization’s data needs and improve your processes to ensure your impact always comes first.


Survey Evaluations

Writing a survey that will bring in high-quality, useful responses is deceptively tricky. On the surface, it seems easy – write the questions, put them in a form, and send them out. But there are lots of places where organizations can stumble. These stumbling blocks lead to bad data, and bad data leads to bad decisions.


Survey evaluations help organizations strengthen their surveys, improve data quality, and demonstrate trustworthiness in the results. Sign up to get your survey reviewed today!


Data Analysis Support

Are you avoiding analyzing that survey data or those interview notes you don't know what to do with? MRS offers data analysis services to organizations that do not have the time or expertise to analyze data on their own. Deliverables are customized based on your organization's needs and can include full reports, presentations, executive summaries, and talking points for senior leaders.



Project Design and Implementation

Thinking about sending out a survey or facilitating focus groups? It’s not as easy as it may seem. There is an art and science to planning effective research projects, from identifying key research questions to structuring proper outreach plans. MRS can guide you through the process of designing and implementing high-quality projects that will answer your big questions and guide you towards effective solutions.

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Please reach out to me using this contact form with a description of your organization and the project you have in mind. If it’s not something in my wheelhouse, I may be able to refer you to someone who is a better fit.

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