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Services for Organizations

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Program Evaluation

How do you know if your programs are successful?  An effective program evaluation can show you what's working, what's not, and what your organization can do to improve programs and services. 


Database Management

Does your organization have written policies that contain data entry instructions, field definitions, and reporting processes?  If not, I will work with you to develop data policies and procedures that consistently produce high-quality data and reports for your stakeholders.


Landscape Analysis

What's the latest research on healthcare for homeless youth, creating an inclusive culture, or learning strategies in early childhood?  Whatever your issue area, I will synthesize the most current information to inform your organization's strategies.


Client Satisfaction

What do your clients think about your organization's services? This is a critical question to address to make sure their programs and services are truly meeting the needs of the community.  Using surveys and interviews, I can summarize client feedback and create a plan to help your organization address their concerns.


Public Policy Analysis

How can we improve our healthcare services, transportation access, or access to capital?  Learn about how other cities, towns, and states handle the root issues affecting your community.


Staff Feedback

COVID has forced many of us to adjust to new work environments, challenges, and expectations.  It's important to check in on your staff and ask how they're *really* doing.  By collecting and synthesizing staff insights, I can provide recommendations to improve employee and organizational well-being.

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